Yoga Retreat Hotel Fex, Engadin, 28.6.–1.7.2018

Immerse yourself for a few days in Yoga, rebuild energy levels, leave all you cares behind in the midst of the most beautiful natural surroundings.

We begin the day softly with Mantras (chanting), Kryas (cleaning exercises), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation, followed by a flowing Vinyasa practice. With Yoga we bring the body into balance, and through breathing united the whole with our spirit.

Hotel Fex

The Hotel Fex is situated in the car free Val Fex, 6 kilometer from Sils Maria. The charming Hotel offers 15 rooms and guarantees peace and recreation and is a great starting point to explore the mountains of the Engadin.
Rooms: 15 rooms (some with balcony), some softly renovated, all with view to the beautiful mountains of the Valley Fex. 13 rooms with toilet, and their own bath or shower and 2 rooms with toilet and shared shower.
How to get there: At the Post-Station Sils Maria board the Hotelbus or hike to the Hotel (approx. 75 minutes) while having your luggage transfered by Hotelbus to the Hotel. Meter after meter you dive slowly into the quietness and isolation of the Valley Fex, enjoy the beauty of this untouched natural paradise.


Package rate (per person incl. Halfboard/Yoga program)

Double room (some with balcony), bath or shower/toilet CHF 685*
*surcharge single use CHF 90*
Mountain room rustic or double room with soft renovation
(some with balcony), bath or shower/toilet CHF 730
Double room (no balcony) with shared shower outside room, toilet CHF 625
Double room with extra bed (3 pers.) (some with balcony), bath or shower/toilet CHF 625
Single room (no balcony), with shower/toilet CHF 685


Included: 3 nights with Halfboard (vegetarian) (thursday to sunday) in the selected room category. Luggage-transfer and if desired transfer by Hotelbus to/from Sils Maria. Green tea or mountain tea a discretion,

Fexer water and every afternoon a fruitbowl.

Yoga: Friday and saturday 3,5 hours each and on sunday 2 hours of Yoga and Meditation (per program).



07.30–08.00 Mantras/Kryas/Pranayama/Meditation
08.00–09.30 Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)
16.30–18.00 gentle Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)/Meditation
07.30–08.00 Mantras/Kryas/Pranayama/Meditation
08.00–09.30 Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)

Yoga style: Vinyasa Flow is a moving meditation. During a flowing intelligent Asana sequence, movement and breath are synchronized, bringing the body and mind into balance. The complete body therefore becomes strengthen, and this benefits our balance, flexibility and mental concentration. Applying a special breathing technique (Ujjayi breathing) during the entire flowing exercise practice, produces a inner heat within the body, which cleanses both muscles and organs, and helps to remove toxins. In combination with Ujjayi breathing it makes it possible to hold Asanas longer, as we require less oxygen.
Vinyasa Yoga is a modern form of classical Indian yoga and evolved from Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga means «the eight limbs of yoga» which are mentioned in one of yoga’s most important scriptures
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Guidelines to Yoga).


Arrival: Thursday (individually) 28.6.2018
Departure: Sunday (afternoon) 1.7.2018
Registration deadline: 31.3.2018
The retreat is ideal for these who practice yoga regularly, and will take place when at least 10 yoga participants have registered. The yoga classes will be teached in English.
We also welcome non-yoga participants (price on application).
Please register with: or

or: (Yoga Retreat)
Deposit CHF 250 by March 31st, 2018.

Final payment latest by May 31st, 2018.


Insurance is your own responsibility. The company/the teacher shall not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of property or injury to persons.


Hotel Fex

Via da Fex 73

CH-7514 Fex/Sil