Ahimsa means non-harming or non-violence and guides us to live in a way that cultivates a sense of peace with ourselves and the world around us.

It means being kind and treating all things with care. This develops the grounding of Ahimsa. We enter into a state of calmness and harmony, which is reflected in our environment. Ahimsa must always be the first priority as we practice Yoga.

Upcoming Yoga events

Retreat Engadin

Hotel Fex

20.6.–23.6./23.6.–26.6. 2019

Oasis of Peace in the Valley Fex.

Immerse yourself for a few days in Yoga, rebuild energy levels, leave all you cares behind in the midst of the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Kunst & Yoga

bei Chantal Michel

25./26.8. 2018

Nichterahnte Welten mitten in einem Gesamtkunstwerk von Chantal Michel. Eine Ausstellung mit Foto und Videoinstallation in

30 Büroräumen inkl. Diner als Gesamterlebnis und Yoga mit Adrian Hediger und Claudia Geux.

Retreat South Tyrol

La Vimea Biotique Hotel

20.10.–27.10. 2019

Truely a special place in South Tyrol.
Enjoy the tranquility, recharge your energy with Yoga, and enjoy the nature – both outside and inside the Hotel, all this and more is offered by the unique vegan LA VIMEA Biotique Hotel.

Yogalovers 1

Olive & Claudia: Sunday December 16th, 5.15–7.15pm

This is a two hour yoga class on a Sunday afternoon that includes chanting, moving, exploring, laughing and living. All levels are encouraged to join and we offer adjustments for different levels. On Sunday December 16th, 5.15–7.15 pm, we host the first of these series and would love to see you there.

This class can be booked with Yogalives class cards 90 Min. + CHF 20.00 or Extern: CHF 55.00 www.yogalives.ch